Workshop Series

I am very excited to announce the Private Practice Workshop Series coming in 2018. All the workshop will take place at Elemental Healing Charlotte. If you are in or near Charlotte, NC I’d love to have you.

The Private Practice Workshop series provides information and hands-on training on building and promoting your business.

Although designed for therapists and life coaches in private practice, some of these workshops can help anyone who owns a business and would like to promote it.

Why workshops?

I believe in developing a discipline of doing in my business and life. That’s why I think hands-on training is the best way to learn. These workshops will also provide an opportunity for you to meet other like-minded business owners and become part of a community of entrepreneurs.

For years I was involved with various peer groups and had build strong connections in the therapist community here in Charlotte. Although all of that helped with building and promoting my business, I often felt isolated and alone in it.

I also knew that unless I started putting the advice I had received into practice nothing would change in my business. But the doing got harder and harder as there was never time for it.

The Private Practice Workshop Series will create a space for DOING.

Once a month you will get hands-on training on website building, branding, social media set-up, promoting your business, search engine optimization and so much more.

Every workshop will aim at a specific private practice project. You will also receive direct feedback and help from me and other people in the group on the project we are working on that month.

Regardless, you will walk away with practical information, specific tips and tools and maybe even a finished project.

Let’s get doing together. Seats are limited so reserve yours today!

Click below to learn more and register. 

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