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So you want to get started in private practice but you are not sure how? 

You have been at it for a while but you want to get more clients and grow your business without breaking the bank? 

Perhaps you make enough money but find yourself working ALL the time?

You are in the right place!

No more anxiety about where your next client will come from. 

No more confusion and mixed messages about how to promote your practice. 

No more overwhelm and fear about technology and marketing tools. 

No more working with the clients you don’t want to work with. 

Finally, you can have the business AND the lifestyle you have wanted for a long time. 

I believe that you are unique and your business is too. That’s why I personally walk you through every step of starting and growing a private practice, with patience, expertise and fun along the way. 

I know what you are thinking…

That’s too much money! 

I hear you. Spending the money can be very scary but even if you charge a modest $100 an hour, the most clients you will need to recuperate your investment is 20! 

20 clients!

That’s a week’s worth of work. 2 at the most.

What is the value of running a thriving, stress-free, profitable business for many years to come? 

How much would you pay to build the lifestyle of your dreams?

At this point you have two choices…

You can do absolutely nothing. Most likely you will be OK but you will waste time, leave money on the table and continue to feel stressed and overwhelmed. I know because that was me for the first 2-3 years of my practice. Because I didn’t know any better. 


You can realize that nothing happens without creating the right causes and conditions. And that time really is the most precious commodity we have. So you decide to ditch your scarcity mindset and embrace being an entrepreneur!

Take charge of your business and your life and build the practice you want and deserve. Not tomorrow, not one day. Today!

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