Private Practice Mastery


This program is best for those who want a more individualized and long-term coaching commitment. To be appropriate for this program you need to have the basic business structure in place. The 3-Month Coaching & Consulting program is very comprehensive and the BEST value!

Includes 10 one-on-one coaching sessions and access to training videos and tutorials. Topics included in the program:

  1. Elegant Business Model
  2. Crafting Your Services & Products
  3. Website and Professional Listing Review
  4. Google Search Engine Optimization
  5. Video Marketing (with personalized review)
  6. Email Marketing (PLUS my done-for-you templates)
  7. Facebook Basics
  8. Introduction To Marketing Funnels
  9. Facebook Advertisement
  10. Analytics & Knowing Your Numbers

Absolutely no tech skills required. Just simple, easy and powerful tools to take your private practice to the next level!


Private Practice Mastery is a one-on-one program for therapists and life coaches who want to grow their business. It offers the power of a coaching relationship and hands-on training, video tutorials and long-term support.

Private Practice Mastery is right for you if are serious about growing your business and you are able to complete some of the training on your own. The program offers 10 individual coaching sessions PLUS video tutorials on the topics highlighted above.

The most frequent question I get about the program is “Do I really need this much information?” And the answer is “It depends.”

If your goal is to just get started in private practice and not delve too deep into the business then this program is not for you. Also, if you don’t want to spend the money and are looking for some free or cheap advice, this program would be a waste of time for both of us (and no amount of money can make up for that.)

So why did I design it?

A little story…

I started my practice in 2010. It took about a year and a half to get it where I wanted it to be. Then I sat back and enjoyed myself. I traveled all over the world, got in the best shape of my life and advanced my meditation practice significantly. Then I went into a PhD program and did that for 3 years full-time while my practice supported me.

And then…I emerged feeling very worried about the future of my business. Although I was getting clients, I could not control or predict their flow and, as a result, my income.

I had no idea how my website was doing and that I could optimize it to get more traffic. A LOT more.

To make things worse, I kept doing a lot of the business tasks manually like email and billing. Despite the technology available, I was a slave to phone tag.

And more importantly, I could not escape the trap of working with whomever came through the door and not being able to say no.

So I hired a business coach.

After years of being in business, I realized I had no clue how much more profitable and stress-free my business could be. I didn’t know what I didn’t know so I kept doing what I thought you’re supposed to do.

I had no idea that I could market my practice in a way that was artful, never sale-sy and put me in the driver seat. I didn’t think about creating a business model that allowed me to be creative and generate passive income.

Business automation brought about a huge sigh of relief and I could enjoy my business again while making more money.

This is what I want to teach you in Private Practice Mastery. How to break out of what you think your business should be and open your eyes and mind to how amazing it could be.

Does the thought of paying all this money to someone you don’t even know scare you? No problem. Schedule a free consultation here to see if we are a good match.