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My name is Elvita Kondili, LPC, LPCS. I am the founder of Private Practice Coaching & Consulting on a mission to help therapists and coaches start, grow and love their private practice.

I started private practice in 2010 after years of fear, doubt and apprehension (3 to be exact!) Despite my clinical experience and an advanced degree in Clinical Mental Health, I felt completely unprepared to run a business and market it. I got most of the advice about the business of therapy from fellow therapists. I networked, joined groups and followed the advice I received from senior colleagues. But I felt like something was missing…

That’s when I realized, I had to branch out and I hired a business coach. So now I have the experience of private practice and the training and guidance of a thought leader in the marketing industry.

The most important lesson I have learned…

To grow a successful business you have to be courageous, resilient, think outside the box and be willing to do the hard work…

Does that sound like you?


Awesome! Because I’m here to tell you, it is well worth it!

I love setting my own hours and work as little or as much as I want. It has allowed me to pursue the lifestyle I always wanted and a PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision.

I love having the freedom to set my own fees, chose who I work with and further craft and perfect my niche.

I love having the time to develop coaching and membership programs and create effective marketing campaigns, without the overwhelm. Being able to automate much of my practices (goodbye tedious paperwork and manual work!) has been invaluable and my clients appreciate the ease and flexibility.


For the past 7 years, I built a thriving private practice that allowed me to pursue the lifestyle I always wanted while making a difference in my clients’ lives. It wasn’t always easy. I had to work my butt off but it’s been an awesome journey.

Now I want to teach you how to do the same. Because I know it can be done.

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I have a warm, down-to-earth style grounded in an attitude of doing, a heart of generosity, joy and passion…sprinkled with a bit of tough love. 

What’s unique about my consulting is that I specialize in helping therapists and life coaches navigate the world of technology, marketing, social media and business automation so that they can get more of the clients they want to work with and use their time more efficiently. 

I believe in the power of building a strong business model and I emphasize the importance of mindset and smart branding.

Once your foundation is solid, everything else is easy!

Isn’t that exciting?

If you are like me, technology overwhelms you, am I right?

Rest assured, my tools and strategies don’t require you to be tech-y. In fact, in my coaching program I walk you through everything you need to have a successful practice, step-by-step.  All is required is an open mind, a smart vision for the future of your business and doing the work.

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If you're ready for your private practice to be "next level", Elvita's coaching will get you there! She is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive with assessing your current process, identifying areas for growth and setting you up for success. Her style is the perfect blend of challenging what's not working, while nurturing what does and cheering you all along the way. Her years of practice success and experience are at your disposal whether you're just getting started and need help with identifying your ideal client or want to master the mechanics of marketing and SEO. Specifically, I learned about back-end marketing strategies and how to optimize my online presence and visibility. Elvita reviewed my website and all the dashboard mechanics and showed me how to implement Yoast for SEO. She also introduced me to other programs that I can use in marketing campaigns and Facebook advertising. I truly feel my business has been transformed. I'm clear about my ideal client and how to use marketing and branding to connect with them!
Faith Dulin
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist